Company of stock clothes wholesale

We buy stock clothes wholesale that’s being cleared or is out of season

Sustainability, circular economy

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We buy branded clothing stock that’s being cleared or is out of season

Sustainability, circular economy

We help leading brands comply with new sustainability and surplus management regulations, thus achieving part of the UN sustainable development goals.

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The stock clothes wholesale  we buy is distributed in international markets following sales guidelines to protect your brand. You decide where your stock goes.

A fast, secure way to sell Shop Return garments.


years in operation and 73 million garments recommerced

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clothes arrived to their 1st use in secondary markets since 2005


m2 of facilities, located near Barcelona

Why choose Tekstila?

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Agility and flexibility

In a world focused on the circular economy, our agility and adaptability in collecting products, including from regional franchises, demonstrates our logistical flexibility. 


We assume transportation costs to facilitate this transition, always prioritising privacy and sustainability in the management of the textile manufacturing brand portfolio.


Trust in sustainability is our key. We offer full transparency at every stage, from the collection of products to their final destination, ensuring the traceability of each item, strengthening our commitment to the environment and applying sustainable business practices in the textile sector.

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In the dynamic landscape of the textile industry, we recognise the importance of maintaining liquidity to drive innovation and sustainability.

By anticipating payment, we not only free up immediate resources, but also enable brands to direct their efforts towards the development of new collections, thus fostering circularity in the textile supply chain.


The sale of stock allows you to maximise your store’s space and performance. Companies can renew their collection without paying to store their old stock.

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We make it easy to pick-up and pay for stock so you can focus on the latest collection.

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We promote responsible stock management, thus integrating the circular economy model to Fast Fashion. This benefits your brand image and gives new clothes a second chance, respecting the resources allocated to their production and avoiding the destruction of brand-new clothes.

To learn more about our commitment to the environment and how to make your brand more circular, visit the Sustainability section or contact Tekstila

Our work methodology, together with our solid relationships with brands and clients, allow us to contribute to a circular economy model as we maximise the shelf life of all the items we sell.




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