Circular economy in fashion

Sustainability and development of a circular economy model

We work to help our suppliers, the fashion brands, meet their sustainable development goals.

sostenibilidad textil

We optimise the surplus fashion production from European brands and commercialize their stock collections to approved international clients.

We integrate the circular economy model in the Fast Fashion industry.

A circular and profitable solution to manage the stock of large fashion groups in a responsible way. This model allows brands to recover space and liquidity from stock that quickly loses its value due to changing trends so they can focus their efforts on their business: the new collections.

This method also channels these brand-new garments to international markets at a much lower cost, respecting the resources used for their production and avoiding their destruction before their first use.

Promoting Sustainability and Circular Economy Practices
Contributing to sustainability involves optimizing surplus production and promoting textile recycling. By marketing internationally approved surplus collections, we not only reduce waste in the textile industry but also support brands in achieving their sustainable development goals. Together, we are advancing towards a more conscious and circular model in the global textile industry.

Textile Sustainability Eco
We specialize in the optimization of surplus fashion production from renowned European brands, strategically navigating the complexities of excess inventory. Our tailored approach involves not only streamlining these surplus collections but also orchestrating their seamless commercialization to a discerning audience of approved international clients. This meticulous process not only ensures efficient inventory management for European brands but also cultivates global market access, contributing to the overall sustainability and success of the fashion industry.

The entire process is commercially sustainable, generating business and employment in the countries of origin and destination.

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The number of garments we have given a new least of life to since 2005

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The number of garments per year whose relocation we have intervened in

We integrate the circular economy model in the Fast Fashion industry.

A sustainable circularity system integrated into the corporate social responsibility of fashion brands and the new regulations affecting the fashion industry, which prohibits the destruction of unsold new stock and applies the extended producer responsability.

Our methodology is based on building solid relationships with brands and clients, allowing us to contribute to a circular economy model as we maximise the life of all garments from the beggining: their first use


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