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B2B Wholesale clothing distribution of European brands

Stock sale of top-brand clothing, accessories and footwear

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We offer an agile, sustainable way to encourage the circularity of quality textile products and ensure their reintroduction in the international market, specialising in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

We offer our buyers access to photos and presentations of brand collections to facilitate the development of marketing strategies by our clients.

Why is Tekstila the best option for b2b wholesale?

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Always new clothing stocks

At Tekstila we work with international fashion brands that provide us with seasonal clothing, footwear and accessories. These partnerships allow us to have significant volumes of new seasonal garments.

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Product packaging and sorting

We serve the products in packaging or in new boxes according to our clients’ logistical requirements. We use barcode labelling for the classification, organisation and distribution of all garments. This allows us to offer detailed information on the season, brand, type of garment, product subcategory and gender.

We create a personalised collection in each order.

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Our buyers can visit our facilities, located near Barcelona, to see the quality of our merchandise first-hand.

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Quality guarantee

We always sell items in perfect condition and with brand labelling. We never work with manufacturers: we only accept original clothing stocks directly from brands themselves. We collect the stock directly from your warehouses or franchises across Europe.

Transparency and trust for a lasting relationship with our clients

Our service and communication with clients is based on transparency of information, trust and personalisation for each distributor in each order.

Trust is central to our operations. We offer the option to enter into collaboration agreements with our clients to be official distributors of selected brands or regularly receive the latest news of each season.


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