H&M launches vegan collection

The fashion industry is presently considered to be one of the most harmful industries to the environment. An element of its impact on nature comes from farming and slaughtering animals for the various fibers and materials that the industry requires. Leather, wool, cashmere, fur and down, among others, are all animal-based textiles. The high demand for these materials often translates into the mistreatment of animals to cut costs. The deplorable conditions in which the animals are kept in and the various unethical methods used on them have been exposed in numerous occasions by animal rights groups, such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)

This is the reason why Tekstila, (specialists in buying and selling wholesale branded clothing stocks) celebrate the creation and launching of H&M’s new vegan fashion collection called “Co-Exist Story”. This innovative collection includes designs only to be made with advanced, animal-free materials. Every piece in it is “PETA-Approved Vegan”, which certifies that no animal skin, fur, hair or anything else has been used in the making of these products. The fact that the project includes fashion designs for all women, men and children proves that there exist alternatives to textiles and processes derived from animals.

This new project is the third installment of the initiative “Innovation Stories” that  H&M launched in the early 2021. Its leading objective is to propose and promote materials and designs that are more sustainable. The new collection manages to combine ground-breaking fabrics with fashion-forward designs and the satisfaction of wearing beautiful, colorful garments knowing that not a single animal has been harmed in the process. One more step to push the fashion industry towards sustainability and respect for those who co-exist with us and would never wear us on.


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