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Unsold stocks: Let’s Start Something New

Where to buy unsold clothing ?

Tekstila, (specialists in buying and selling wholesale branded clothing stocks) is a company founded in Dosrius (Barcelona) in 2005. It was born with the aim of bringing unsold stocks of branded clothing to international markets. We work with European well-known fast fashion brands to sell their surplus production, end of collection and webshop returns abroad, complying with specific sales regulations by country. Due to the nature of our business, our brand portfolio is confidential, but our customers can contact us to find out what brands are available for their market at any given time.

How to buy unsold clothing?

First of all, we present our customers with packing lists which contain a list of the products that we have on offer for each brand. We put together collections of fashionable garments to bring our customers wholesale, up-to-date lots at the best price. Our product inventory is classified into practical, optimized categories designed to help our customers find the range of garments they are looking for more easily. These categories include brand, gender, age, season and style.

All our transactions come with an official invoice and payment is made via bank transfer (30% on order confirmation.) Once the order is placed and confirmed, our customers can check the goods at our warehouses before shipment.

Because our prices are based on an EXW shipping arrangement, we can help our clients choose the most efficient, fast and secure way of shipping the goods to their countries.

unsold stocks

What do we offer?

Tekstila presents an excellent opportunity to recreate fashion collections from Europe in other continents. We sell collections that come straight from their original official brand stores and that have been through all the filters for established EU and brand quality standards. Our garments come with their original price and brand tags, and can be prepared according to our customer needs. We provide a steady supply of our available brands and we also offer exclusivity on some of the labels we deal with.

Our commitment

We are committed to establishing a stable partnership with our suppliers and clients by focusing on trust and transparency in all our business operations.

We are bound to offer genuine original clothing directly from fashion brands and to make sure that we can provide the best, up-to-date, seasonal garments all year round.

We think and design our collections to offer a balanced range of garments. We apply controls of quality to detect and discard any defective products and to avoid excessive repetition of models in order to offer a wide varied range of styles and designs. You can select the assorted style collections or the long series catalogue.

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