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STAND Up! for sustainable fashion

In line with our involvement in the transition to an environmentally and socially responsible circular model in the textile sector, the last 28th of September Tekstila, (specialists in buying and selling wholesale branded clothing stocks) attended the STAND Up event that took place at the TecnoCampus Centre in Mataró. The event brought together more than forty entrepreneurs, including start-ups who are launching sustainable business projects in the textile and fashion sector, and textile industrialists.

The event was one of the many actions undertaken by the STAND Up! project: Sustainable Textile Action for Networking and Development of circular economy business ventures in the Mediterranean. STAND Up! is an EU-funded project under the ENI CBC Med programme. The TecnoCampus event was organized by the Spanish Confederation of Textile Industry (Texfor), the incubator Reimagine Textile, and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption (SCP / RAC), adjacent to the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

sustainable fashion

Along the speech panel, there was a space for business to business meetings between the different attendees to exchange ideas, knowledge and, in short, to create synergies between projects that share the same objective: to reduce the negative impact that the conventional textile industry can have on the environment and in our society. This can be achieved by creating sustainable start-ups that are committed to the recycling and reuse of textiles and the treatment of fibres without using chemical pollutants. 

Tekstila attended as a representative for a very unique wholesale stock buying business model which bring circularity to the fast fashion industry. We directly solve the problem of the fashion brands stock due to overproduction, demand planning gaps and unsold stock after every collection, by keeping all new garments within commercial channels. 

sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is basically a business philosophy of how to design, produce, consume and dispose of clothing in a way that addresses the environmental and social challenges that we face. In Tekstila we are aware of the impact that the choices we have on environment and society and that is why we are committed to bring our vision for truly circular fast fashion solutions to more brands. From Tekstila we attended the event to stay up to date with innovative local ventures and to explore the business opportunities that the green transition can generate in the sector.


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