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Outlet collections: Long live fashion

We work to give new, unsold garments a second chance, guaranteeing a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and respectful future.

“In any manufacturing process, a closed loop system is a system where products and their components are designed, manufactured, used, and handled so as to circulate within the society as long as possible with maximum usage and less or no environmental effect.”, as described in the book Circular Economy in Textiles and Apparel (2019).  At Tekstila we close the loop by buying wholesale unsold stock and selling it giving these clothes a firs life, thus saving new fashionable garments from ending up in polluting landfills.

We provide international distributors with new, high quality garments made by European brands. We prevent that these perfectly good clothes are disposed of just because they have not been sold within a collection lifespan. We stand out from others by offering stable outlet collections with up to date stock and perfect product traceability and brand care.

Our clients

We carry out business-to-business transactions only, although we do not rule out the possibility to extend our business in the future, reaching the final consumer via our own outlet stores abroad. At present, our customers are wholesalers that import collections to distribute nationally, and retailers such as shops, retail chains and, most importantly, outlet stores.

Our target customers are mainly fast fashion firms that Tekstila can help recover liquidity, liberate warehouse space and, at the same time, comply with the new legislation on fashion stocks (Waste Laws 2021.) Through Tekstila, international distributors, retailers and wholesalers can access outlet collections from top fashion brands that are not yet present in their countries at very competitive prices, adding the possibility of working on exclusivity conditions. Consumers, in turn, are able to acquire branded clothes at outlet prices in their home countries.


Added value

In Tekstila we are fully aware of our society’s growing concern about health, environment and social justice. We seek to contribute to make it better by promoting socio-economic development in emerging countries and generating new opportunities of business and employment in a sustainable, circular way.

Firstly, we are loyal to the values of a circular economy that respects and cares for nature and natural resources. Secondly, we provide new branded clothes in pristine conditions at affordable prices to markets that otherwise obtain these products from dubious sources or in poor conditions.

Finally, we look for partners in origin to encourage upcycling businesses that can re-adapt or re-purpose new garments to expand their lifespan in a creative way. The end result is a “new product” that can be sold locally, avoiding the need for international transport. The idea is to give priority to local social projects, always with the original brand consent. 


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