La moda europea viaja a piases en vías de desarrollo a través de la exportación de ropa

European fashion travels to developing countries

Tekstila is a start-up company dedicated to trading clothing stock from the Fast Fashion European brands for distribution in authorised countries. In fact, since our creation in 2005, we’ve already brought 65 million garments to their first use.

Our company buys wholesale branded clothing in clearance or out of season and we sell them to authorised international distributors. With this we accomplish:

  • The development of a sustainable circular economy model.
  • That developing countries have access to European fashion.
  • Compliance with the new regulations of the EU Green Deal.
  • Giving surplus clothing stock a second opportunity to find their first use.

6 reasons to work with us

  1. We can manage large quantities of wholesale branded clothing, since we have an advanced logistics centre of 17,000 m2.
  2. We rigorously comply with the anti waste legislation (often non-transparent). As a consequence, we make it easier for your business to also comply with it.
  3. We respect the established limitation and requirements from the brand for the international distribution of their clothing stock.
  4. We only work with new, top quality garments. In addition, they’re all delivered with their respective labels and as they would be in the official shops in Europe.
  5. We work with a limited and confidential portfolio of European Fast Fashion brands.
  6. We offer brands complete transparency regarding our international distribution channels and operations.

You can work with us if:

You’re a European Fast Fashion brand and you have unsold clothing stock.

At Tekstila we buy your brand clothing wholesale and collect it directly from your warehouse or franchise. It’s the best way of procuring liquidity and making room for the new collection!

You’re a fashion distributor in authorised countries

At Tekstila we work with all kinds of international fashion distributors (wholesale suppliers of branded clothing, shops and retail chains…). In compliance with the brands guidelines. We can offer some brands on an exclusive basis. It’s the perfect solution to obtain large amounts of new, quality clothing with major discounts!

In conclusion, whether you’re a brand who needs to sell their surplus clothing stock or a distributor who wants to obtain the best European fashion, at Tekstila we can do a lot for you. What are you waiting for to get to know us?


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