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What happens to unsold clothing

Each year, 150 million items of clothing are produced worldwide and not all of them are sold. Re-selling branded clothing to wholesale distributors is the best solution to dispose of textile overproduction.

Fashion stores are in a race against time to dispose of the clothes that are piling up on their shelves. In fact, according to UNECE, about 40% of the clothes produced annually will never be used despite being in perfect condition.

What to do with unsold clothing 

The textile industry produces far more clothing than consumers are willing to buy. With a production model based on fast fashion, trends changing quickly, even within only weeks, so that what is fashionable today will be out of fashion tomorrow. 

As the new waste legislation prohibits the destruction of new, unperishable goods including textiles alternatives for the disposal of surplus stock are as follows: 

  1. Sales: items are subjected to successive price reductions, even to the point of selling them for less than they cost to make. 
  2. Outlets: shops specializing in clearance sales sell all kinds of branded clothes with discounts of up to 80%. 
  3. E-commerce: are online platforms specializing in flash offers and private sales. They can act as mere intermediaries for the brand or buy all the stock from them. 
  4. Donation and recycling: although this option has humanitarian and environmental benefits, it involves the complete loss of the investment made to acquire the stock. 
  5. Wholesale branded clothing distributors: these liquidators buy large quantities of unworn branded clothing for sale in third countries, in strict compliance with the law.

Wholesale branded clothing distributors: your best option when it comes to clearance of surplus stock.

How can wholesale branded clothing distributors achieve their SDGs without giving up the fast pace imposed by fast fashion? The key to achieving this is to sell excess clothing to specialist liquidators, such as Tekstila, who can take care of re-selling it in authorized countries following your restrictions to protect your brand.

Working with Tekstila makes it possible to channel surplus clothing stock to international markets on a regular basis. This makes the fast fashion production model more sustainable, integrating it into the circular economy. 

Tekstila is definitely the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for all textile companies that need to distribute their surplus production. Are you one of them?

Tekstila is already a trusted partner to international fast-fashion brands. They find with us a circular solution to their overproduction and unsold stock while recovering their investment, clearing their warehouse and franchises of the old collection. Trust is earned thanks to transparency and traceability in our operations when fashion companies know their brand is protected when solving their stock problems. Are you one of them?


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