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Tekstila, a leading textile company specialising in the buying and selling of wholesale stock, is pleased to announce a significant change in its business location as part of its growth strategy. This strategic move is aimed at further strengthening Tekstila’s market position, improving the company’s operational efficiency and meeting the needs of its customers worldwide.

After a thorough analysis, the Polígono Industrial El Molinot in Vallgorguina was chosen as it offers a more suitable space for the company’s expansion needs. In addition, the new site will facilitate stock management and streamline logistics processes, helping to meet changing market demands. The new location will also provide Tekstila with strategic access to key suppliers to serve its customers more efficiently.

Tekstila is committed to the local community and will seek opportunities to make a positive contribution through additional employment and corporate social responsibility activities in the area. In addition, all Tekstila employees will be relocated to ensure continuity of service. Employees will also benefit from the advantages offered by the new site, improving their working environment.

With this in mind, Tekstila has optimised its processes and implemented key environmental sustainability and energy-saving measures. Among the most notable achievements are the installation of high-efficiency LED lighting systems, the optimisation of waste management and the implementation of improved recycling practices.

There has also been the integration of renewable energy sources for a significant part of the company’s day-to-day operations. This has not only reduced the company’s carbon footprint, but has also helped to promote cleaner energy, fulfilling one of the company’s key objectives, namely that the whole process is commercially sustainable and generates business and employment in the countries of destination and origin.

The move is in keeping with Tekstila’s long-term plans to expand its operations and strengthen its presence in the textile and wholesale markets.


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