prendas antiguas en combustible

Old clothes becoming new fuel

The sustainable fashion industry is breaking new ground with the innovative practice of turning old clothes into carbon-free fuel.

Ethical Fashion Group has signed an agreement with tech company Hydrogen Utopia International to offer fashion companies an opportunity to play a greater and more meaningful role in the sustainable fashion movement.

Ethical Fashion Group is a British-based company matching sustainable suppliers with 60,000 companies in 140 different countries – from H&M group to luxury brand Vivienne Westwood. Hydrogen Utopia is a London-based tech company specialising in converting non-recyclable plastic waste into carbon-free fuels.

The main objective for this partnership is to reduce the environmental impact of products made partially or entirely with non-recyclable plastics. All companies – manufacturers and suppliers – that work with Ethical Fashion Group will have access to technology that allows old clothes to be converted into fuel. Hydrogen Utopia uses heat to melt plastic and separate it from all the polluting substances. The separated molten material is then converted into a non-pollutive gas.

The CEO of Hydrogen Utopia, Aleksandra Binkowska, said that consumers often unknowingly dress in plastic and buy more than a million items of clothing each year that are destined to end up in incinerators or landfills. Both firms have stressed the importance of reducing pollution produced by the fashion industry.

Ethical Fashion Group was founded in 2005 by a group of London entrepreneurs, including Harold Tillman, a business man with a long history in fashion. Since its founding, Ethical Fashion Group has carried out different projects aimed at introducing sustainable practices to the fashion sector.


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