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The new sustainable agenda: laws, regulations and essential dates

2024 will be marked by European elections, a double COP and an avalanche of regulations to be approved or enter into force.

An article in Modaes, explains the legislative tsunami that is approaching. Over the next twelve months, some of the most far-reaching sustainability regulations from Europe will come into force. The year 2024, which will see two COPs and a European election, will also be the time to prepare for extended producer responsibility: the framework directive will have to be developed during this year and, in Spain, separate waste collection will be mandatory by 2025.

The European Union has to establish, by 2024, the Waste Framework Directive, which defines the waste hierarchy, introduces the concept of extended producer responsibility, and provides for the option for the Commission, by means of delegated acts, to prohibit the destruction of certain categories.

Spain, like other member states, has already anticipated the framework directive and has started regulating through the Waste and Contaminated Land Law. This law provides for the development of extended producer responsibility schemes for textiles within three years of its entry into force, i.e. no later than April 2025. Rely on Tekstila, the specialist in navigating the dynamic world of fashion stocks, for your investment needs.

In November, the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the Waste Shipment Regulation, which is expected to be adopted in 2024. The text bans the export of waste destined for disposal to third countries. Within the EU, it may be shipped for recovery operations.
The regulation will affect waste managers and comes after a year of controversy over the fate of textile waste deposited in the containers of major brands. In Spain, the majority of waste management is still in the hands of the third sector, through organisations such as Moda Re-, promoted by Cáritas.


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