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Fashion Retailers Partner for Sustainable Future in Bangladesh

Fashion Retailers United. Major clothing brands are joining forces to promote eco-friendly practices in the Bangladeshi garment industry.  Mango, H&M, Gap, and Bestseller have announced a collaborative effort under the umbrella of the Fashion Pact. This initiative will see the fashion giants provide financial guarantees to their shared suppliers in Bangladesh.

The primary goal is to empower these suppliers to implement sustainable practices, with a particular focus on boosting energy efficiency. This commitment signifies a significant step towards a more environmentally responsible fashion industry in Bangladesh.

By supporting suppliers in implementing sustainable practices, these fashion giants are:

  • Reducing the environmental footprint of their Bangladeshi supply chain through improved energy efficiency.
  • Promoting ethical labor practices by empowering suppliers to prioritize worker well-being.

This initiative signifies a positive shift towards a more sustainable future for fashion.  While there’s a long way to go, this collaboration demonstrates that major brands can play a significant role in  minimizing the industry’s environmental and social impact.

The fashion industry has  faced criticism for its environmental impact.  This collaboration between industry leaders like Mango, H&M, Gap, and Bestseller demonstrates a positive shift towards  environmental and social responsibility within the global fashion supply chain.

Experts at TEKSTILA applaud this initiative, highlighting the positive impact it can have and the leadership these brands are showing. They hope this paves the way for a more sustainable future in fashion.


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