Primark opens its ninth shop in Madrid on February 22nd

Fashion giant Primark is solidifying its presence in Spain with the opening of its ninth store in the Madrid region on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024, as reported by Fashion United. This new location, situated in La Vaguada shopping center, will mark the 61st Primark store in Spain and boast over 5,750 square meters of retail space spread across two floors.

The store promises the same immersive shopping experience as other Primark establishments, offering a vast array of fashion and lifestyle products at competitive prices. To enhance customer convenience, the La Vaguada store will feature a surprising 23 self-checkout counters, exceeding the six implemented in the chain’s recent Lorca store. This significant leap signifies Primark’s commitment to embracing self-service technology and creating a more efficient shopping experience. The new store is estimated to generate over 200 new jobs for the local economy.

“We are thrilled to open our new Primark shop in La Vaguada,” expressed Carlos Inacio, Primark’s general manager for Spain and Portugal. “Since arriving in Spain in 2006, we’ve established a strong brand presence in Madrid, and we’re excited for this ninth store to join our network.” He emphasized Primark’s commitment to offering something for everyone and expressed confidence that customers will love the diverse product range available.

Javier Escusol, director of La Vaguada shopping center, welcomed the development, stating, “With Primark’s addition, we solidify our dedication to retail excellence and solidify the center’s appeal for prestigious international brands.” He highlighted the ongoing renovation project and the arrival of other major retailers, attributing a significant increase in footfall during the last Christmas season. “The opening of Primark promises to continue this trend, offering our visitors a unique shopping experience and further solidifying La Vaguada’s position as a retail epicenter in Spain,” he added.

This upcoming opening aligns with Primark’s strategic plan launched in late 2022, focusing on growth in key markets like the US, UK, France, and Spain. The plan allocated €100 million for Spain, encompassing €20 million for store renovations, €20 million for the expansion of the Diagonal Mar store in Barcelona, and €80 million for eight new store openings between 2023 and 2024.

Following the openings in Toledo, Lanzarote, Melilla, and Lorca, the La Vaguada store marks the fifth of the eight new store commitments. The remaining openings are planned for later this year in Jaén Plaza shopping center (Jaén), Alcalá Magna shopping center, and calle del Conde de Peñalver (Madrid).

With its extensive product selection, focus on affordability, and commitment to innovation, Primark’s expansion in Spain seems poised to continue attracting customers and solidifying its position as a major fashion retailer in the country.


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