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Stock solutions for recommerce

Tekstila is a resale and recommerce wholesale stock clothing company offering stock solutions for fashion brands. As a strong advocate of the circular economy, we aim to extend the life of unsold seasonal clothing while offering brands a sustainable and cost-effective way to dispose of their surplus. As such, we provide comprehensive services and help fashion companies find new ways to outsource the processing of excess inventory so that they can reduce storage space and handling costs. In addition, we take care of your unsold clothes and make sure that any practical problems you may have are taken care of for you.

Integrated recommerce solution

  • We leverage your unsold inventory and transform it into outlet collections to maximise revenue.
  • We buy all your available stock to extract the highest market value in a direct, efficient and scalable way.
  • To ensure maximum profit percentages, we find the most suitable distributors for your products in secondary markets.

The recommerce process

  • We estimate the value of your products for secondary market recommerce and create a distribution strategy for branded overstock, unsold and returned items.
  • You get paid in advance for your stock, so you achieve new revenue from your unsold inventory and quickly reclaim your warehouse and franchise space.
  • Tekstila sorts products and creates collections ready to sell wholesale or retail.
  • We buy your garments “as is” and put them through a quality control testing process to ensure that the products conform to the company’s quality standards before we create the offer for our distributors.
  • We offer quality assurance, original brands and full labels, as we only source directly from original stock of partner brands and comply with sales restrictions.
  • We carry out sales activities on behalf of the retailer (brand partner) in order to secure stable and reliable distributors who can guarantee compliance with the specified requirements.
  • Tekstila distributes your product as an exporter to the final destination of the goods.
  • Details are shared with the brand to comply with our transparency and traceability policies, so your brand is protected and you remain in control of your branded products.

More solutions

Contact us to find out about other solutions for your stock so we can redirect it towards innovative projects that offer alternative ways to manage your excess stock, such as upcycling, recycling or selling online. Let us know about your projects and let’s talk about the strategy that best suits your company’s needs: we know how to do it, you can rely on us.


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