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The EU against Ultra Fast Fashion

Sustainability is a concept in trend and more fashion brands want to include this concept in their identity, and for the Young generation it becomes a must before shopping. At the same time, fast fashion is still accelerating their productions creating the new ultra fast fashion concept.

New companies are growing their business and taking the Crown from fast fashion stablished giants with the same strategy that Amazon applied: lower prices to achieve more sales volumen. The business model keep costs and margins very low, relying on volume for growth, creating an economy of scale that comes at a high cost for the planet. 

The European Union want to advance towards a future without fast fashion, and has created a sustainable textile strategy putting fast fashion out of fashion by 2030. 

In this transition products will have to be designed for longer use, to be repaired, reused, recyclable and energetically efficient. This will also apply to our clothes. 

Brands are requested to reduce the quantity of collection they produce every year, be responsible for the full value chain of their clothes and the destruction of unsold stock or returns will be banned. 

Can we, as consumers, adapt to less trends, buy less, and fall in love with our clothes for longer? Can we exchange, rent, buy second hand, upcycle and repair? The opposite trend to buy more clothes, with lower quality and spend less on them only gives us a short path ahead. 


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