moda circular cataluña

The catalan circular fashion pact model

Important measures are being defined in the fashion sector with the aim to reduce the impact of the climate crisis and make progress towards a circular economy. In this context the Catalan Circular Fashion Pact has been born in Catalunya with the motto “The pact to weave a sustainable future”.

The Pact takes off with the intention that all the actors involved in the textile value chain can join forces and coordinate efforts in order to provide an effective, consensual approach to the fashion challenges with the current business model. We all need to define common objectives and create new mechanisms which be capable to transform the sector towards a circular model.

The Circular Fashion Pact establishes major goals concerning the volume of waste generation, selective textile waste collection, reuse and recycling. Furthermore, it settles specific aims intended for each chain segment, including manufacturers (including textile industry), waste management agents, the various public bodies, universities, technology and research centres, third sector organizations and distribution and retail companies.

The institutions, bodies and companies that sign this Pact, including Tekstila, commit ourselves to working on this shared agenda in order to achieve a more circular model for the textile sector in Catalunya. In Tekstila, we rise to the challenge of promoting the sector transition towards a circular economy from our specialized business segment: the pre-consumer waste. That is, clothing stocks that have been produced and offered to the clients, but got discarded before they reach the end consumer. The current fashion business models discards new, unworn clothing without defects on a regular basis and we redirect them to keep them within commercial channels.

Initiatives such as this one started by the Generalitat de Catalunya are necessary to align actors in the public and private sector towards a common aim, adapt to new legal frames, creating cooperation networks and achieving synergy between individual efforts.


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