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Access the best European brands stock distrbution chanel, private portfolio of fast fashion and designer clothing 

We work with European famous brands to distribute their overstock and webshop return in authorized markets. We receive the inventory in our own warehouses and optimized product categories to give you a balanced collection. You’ll have

  • A steady supply in the brands we have available

  • Some brands are offered on an exclusive basis

  • Our clothes have the original price tags and brand tags

  • Orders can be prepared according to our customer needs

  • You can inspect the goods at our warehouse before shipment

  • Easy payment and logistic arrangement

“Trust is central to our operations. We offer the option to enter into collaboration agreements with our clients to be official distributors of selected brands or regularly receive the latest news of each season.”

Buying is easy


We send offers with packing list / presentations per brand


You confirm the order and we prepare it

Pick up

You can inspect the goods at our warehouse before shipment

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