We receive the stocks in our store directly from the premises of our suppliers. Then we classify them by type (pants, shirts, coats, accessories, jeans, shirts, etc.) and at the same time we separate the defective items.


Once the goods are classified, we proceed to the elaboration of lots that contain all of the items present in the original store, i.e., a portion of coats, shirts, pants, accessories, jeans, etc. The goods are packed in cardboard boxes to optimize space for their transport. Now they are ready to be exported.


In each of the items there are two types of label: the manufacturer’s original price, which is the one we keep, and the label with the sales price, which we eliminate, thus allowing you to establish the selling prices you think are more appropriate.


Once we know the merchandise and the amount you are interested in, we prepare a list with the percentages of each type of product that each lot contains. Once we have the client’s confirmation, we prepare a pro-forma invoice to process the payment, and then send on the goods. Once we receive the transfer we finalize the preparation of the order, awaiting only the customer’s instructions for sending.


Our way of selling is always Ex Works, so the transport is your responsibility and it depends on you. However, we are always available to help and advise you on what you need.

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