About us

We are a company founded in Dosrius (Barcelona) in 2005.

Tekstila equipo

Our goal is to help multinational textile brands market their surplus production internationally.

Our activity consists of buying seasonal items from the best brands and selling them in other markets where the brands have less presence, always respecting their guidelines and conditions of sale.

We differentiate ourselves through the promotion of the circular economy, continuous communication with our clients and suppliers, and traceability and transparency in all our operations.

Currently our team is made up of 25 professionals dedicated to serving our clients and suppliers.

We believe that the linear production system is not viable on a planet with limited resources. That is why we want to be part of the solution and make it easier for brands to use the circular model business method while continuing to reduce the environmental impact of fashion.

We are driven by the commitment to contribute, together with the big brands, to a more sustainable, circular economic model thus ensuring compliance with UN sustainable development goals.

We work to give garments a second chance, guaranteeing a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and respectful future.

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