Unsold stocks: Let’s Start Something New

unsold stocks

Tekstila is a company founded in Dosrius (Barcelona) in 2005. It was born with the aim of bringing unsold stocks of branded clothing to international markets. We work with European well-known fast fashion brands to sell their surplus production, end-of-collection and webshop returns abroad, complying with specific sales regulations by country. Due to the nature […]

Outlet collections: Long live fashion

outlet collections

We work to give new, unsold garments a second chance, guaranteeing a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and respectful future. “In any manufacturing process, a closed loop system is a system where products and their components are designed, manufactured, used, and handled so as to circulate within the society as long as possible with maximum usage and […]

Fast Fashion: Four seasons in one day

fast fashion

Traditionally, fashion brands used to present two collections per year: Fall-Winter and Spring- Summer. With the introduction of Prêt-à-Porter and the following rise of Fast Fashion, luxury brands started to increase the number of collections and pre-collections, offering five or more collections per year. Fashion giant H&M even releases 12-16 collections, and Zara also launches […]

Biodiversity and the Fashion Industry

bosque y diversidad

We all know about the catastrophic climate change that we face, but we need to be aware that this threat goes hand in hand with a biodiversity crisis that puts at risk the richness of the species that populate our planet. According to a 2019 UNO report, there are a million world species in danger […]

Clothing reselling as the best circular fashion policy

reventa de stocks de ropa

Fashion brands’ sustainable policies are focused on recycling and renting clothes as sustainable, but new research suggests otherwise. When comparing the greenhouse gas emissions connected to different circular and sustainable business models, renting has the highest climate impact of all according to a recent study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters . Recycling, on […]

What happens to unsold clothing

stocks de ropa

Each year, 150 million items of clothing are produced worldwide and not all of them are sold. Re-selling branded clothing to wholesale distributors is the best solution to dispose of textile overproduction. Fashion stores are in a race against time to dispose of the clothes that are piling up on their shelves. In fact, according to UNECE, about 40% […]

What’s to know about the new Waste Law 2021

nueva ley de residuos 2021

With the new Waste Law, the disposal of excess textiles is no longer an option for the fashion industry. Tekstila provides a viable way to manage the waste derived from the production of clothing that remains unsold.  Main changes in the law The new regulations advocate for circular economy strategies. They aim to encourage more sustainable business models that can reduce […]

European fashion travels to developing countries

Tekstila is a start-up company dedicated to trading clothing stock from the Fast Fashion European brands for distribution in authorised countries. In fact, since our creation in 2005, we’ve already brought 65 million garments to their first use. Our company buys wholesale branded clothing in clearance or out of season and we sell them to […]

Implementing SDGs in fast fashion business: stock treatment


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the plan to attain a better and more sustainable future for everyone. They address the global challenges we face as a society and that we need to respond as individuals and enterprises, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.  We’re talking about goals which are considered […]