wholesale clothes stocklots

At Tekstila we specialize in buying and selling stocks from important textile brands. We work with the most well-known brands worldwide and we can confirm that our stock of clothes, shoes and complements is currently the biggest and most varied in Spain.

Tekstila was founded in 2005 and over this time we have extended, improved and made more efficient our main headquarters and our logistics centre. It is 5.000 m2 and is located in Dosrius (Barcelona, Spain).


CONTINUITY of purchases and sales

Our knowledge and experience of the industry allow us to fulfil our acquired commitments. This is possible due to the professionalism of our partners who are always ready to take on new challenges. Moreover, the ongoing exchange and collaboration we have with our suppliers ensures that the product is of satisfaction to our customers.

wholesale clothes stocklots
wholesale clothes stocklots

UP TO DATE stocks

Receiving our stocks on a monthly basis guarantees that they’re always up to date. The products available to our customers are always from the latest season’s collection. Our experience, suppliers and work practise allow us to have the latest products and, at the same time, an important and updated stock – this combination actively promotes sales.

wholesale clothes stocklots
wholesale clothes stocklots

IMMEDIACY of product availability

The logistic capacity of our modern installations allows us to have a sufficient supply of our products which enables our clients to start working immediately.


Since 2005 it has been a matter for Tekstila to take into account ecological and social aspects in his daily work. Therefore, we want to give garments a second life.

wholesale clothes stocklots

ACCESSIBILITY to necessary information

We offer you tools to facilitate access to photos and presentations of our products, so you can effectively develop marketing strategies. We are ready to assist you in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

We seek a stable and long-lasting relationship with our clients, not based solely on sporadic sales. Visit our facilities to see first-hand the quality of the merchandise we offer you.

In order to maintain a close working relationship with our customers, our offices are available in AFRICA (Ghana, Gambia, Zambia) and SOUTH AMERICA (Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina). If you wish to visit any of these offices please contact us HERE.

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